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Trimble Surveyors, serving the 
Central Pennsylvania region
with integrity since 1976. 
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Trimble Surveyors, LLC is a professional surveying firm located in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Trimble Surveyors provide a range of surveying services; accuracy and quality have stamped those services for the last forty years throughout Lancaster County and the surrounding Susquehanna Valley. A testament to our firm’s expertise, reliability and work ethic is the number of repeat clients, many of those leaders in the local construction industry.


Construction Stakeout

We consider this our most important part of our business. Our surveying team assists site contractors,
excavators, engineers and owners to build large construction project across the state of Pennsylvania.
We know the construction world and diligently work within our client’s schedules and budgets.
Trimble’s have staked single storm culverts to hospital campuses. Using the latest technologies of
software in our office to precise surveying equipment on the site, we are able to complete tasks
regardless of size.

Architectural Modelling

Survey & Mapping

Trimble Surveyors offer a wide variety of surveying services using Trimble robotic instruments and
Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The data is collected is integrated with AutoCAD (computer aided
drafting) software. This allows Trimble Surveyors to function in the field and office with the latest
technology providing our clients with the accurate and efficient professional services.

Trimble Surveyors provide the following:

 Residential Boundary surveys
 Topographic surveys
 Aerial photography control surveys
 ALTA/ACSM Land Title Services
 Wetlands locations and mapping
 Utility locations and identification
 Flood Elevation Certificates
 Farm Preservation Surveys



Boundary Surveys

A large majority of our residential boundary surveys have many components of the same questions and concerns. Please contact us if you have specific questions, but the below link has answers to the most commonly asked questions. 

Residential Frequently Asked Questions




Projects Completed


Counties worked in PA





Trimble Surveyors was established by twin brothers David and Philip Trimble. After graduation from Penn State University and working for Huth Engineers, the brother began the business in 1976. Working out of their garage on West Woods Drive, the Trimbles have established a strong reputation for precise work throughout the Susquehanna Valley. In 1995, the frim was moved to North Lane, Lititz into the historic “Ice House”. The Ice House was the firm’s home for 21 years before the company downsized and returned to West Woods Drive. In 2013, former Trimble employee, Jeff Bowlby was hired as a partner in the firm. David and Philip retired in 2015 and Jeff Bowlby has taken over a President of the company.


Jeff Bowlby was raised in Lititz and graduated from Warwick High School in 1997. After graduation from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in 2001, Jeff began his surveying career at Trimbles. In 2004, Jeff was hired at Diehm & Sons, Inc. and worked as a surveyor and project manager for nine years. He is grateful to his mentors, Tim Diehm, P.L.S., Mike Kotay, P.L.S. and Jim Ober who took a rookie and turned him into a professional. While obtaining his S.I.T. and P.L.S. credentials through the state of Pennsylvania, Jeff become a partner at Trimble Surveyors in 2013. In 2015, Jeff took over leadership at Trimble Surveyors as David and Philip retired. Our office at Trimble Surveyors is located at 307 East Lexington Road, Lititz, PA.





For any inquiries, questions or to receive a quote, please fill out the following form, or call: 717-626-0028

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Office Location

307 E. Lexington Road (side entrance)

Lititz, PA 17543

Tel: 717-626-0028


Do you feel like you have the skills, knowledge and attitude that can contribute to the productivity of Trimble Surveyors? Please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:




How much does a survey cost?
Each individual property has many factors that we like to take a look at. The first piece of information is
the property address. Using the address, we check the deed of record for the property. This allows us to see important information such as: subdivision plans, metes and bounds, deed calls, exceptions and
acreage. Looking at a property deed allows us to better estimate the complexity of the possible survey.
A typical fee for finding all property corners using falls in the range of $300 - $1,000. We can provide a
more accurate proposal with the above information.

What does a survey entail?
 Online deed research at the Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds
 Field search for property evidence on your property along with your adjoining neighbors’ properties (this allows us to verify that the property corners are true and correct)
 Field survey to locate all boundary evidence found.
 Analysis of deed, subdivision plans and survey plans with current survey locations.  (This information can sometimes be completed in the field, other times it we bring it back to the office to better analyze the boundary solutions)
 Set 24” rebars with a yellow (“Trimble Surveyors 717-626-0028”) cap on top of property corner in grass, mag nails in macadam, concrete monuments or drill holes in curb. Most property corners are marked with a three foot wooden lath beside them The lath can be removed after property owners and adjacent owners are aware of the corner location.

How long does a survey take?
We typically can finish a survey within one to three weeks of authorization to proceed. If immediate scheduling is needed, we can usually accommodate.


How do I pay?
We typically send invoices at the end of each month. Our preference is a PDF invoice emailed out to you
with the understanding of payment within 30 days of receiving the invoice. We do not accept credit
card and prefer check payment.
Does anyone need to be home?
No, all our work is around the property and we will not need any access to anything in your home.
When our work is completed, we will happily schedule a time in the evening or weekends to review our
survey with you at your property if you would have any questions.


How do I preserve my survey?
There are multiple ways to document the survey
 Letter of Survey Certification – Ask for a letter and we will write a letter stating the property was surveyed by Timble Surveyors showing a surveyor’s signature and seal.
 Plot Plan – simple drawing showing details of the survey and property.
 Legal Description – allows the newly defined property to be recorded as the deed for the

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